Monday, May 08, 2006

Saskatoon TLt Conference

I must be the last to post on this conference held April 30, May 1-2. (Sigh--such are the confessions of a procrastinator.) Rick summarizes nicely, with links. I enjoyed Curtis Bonk's presentations, though his style is a little too frenetic for me. If too much technology can be distracting, I think too much "pizzazz" may be, too. His practical ideas for online courses (adaptable for f2f & blended), though, were excellent. See a list at the end of this pdf document of the last half of his first keynote.
I attended Denise & Carol's presentation on online roleplaying software, Diane's on building an institutional e-learning strategy, Gale's on ID as social negotiation, and the presentation from Ruth & co. on native studies. David Porter's keynote was very good; what he had to say resonates completely with the blog reading I've been doing lately. Cool to see that he's blogging.
What I enjoyed most, though, was the chance to re-connect with folks who are very much old friends, though I'm still a newcomer on the block. Denise has to be the queen of networking, and I have already benefited from her enthusiastic efforts to draw connections (more on that later, I hope). Denise, where's your website?
All in all, I came away so pleased with the warm welcome that I have always received from fellow SK IDs. (Yes, I created a group blog with that title; any SKIDs willing to try again?) Many, many thanks to all.

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