Friday, December 28, 2007

PhD Project Framework

(Click on the image of the title page to see the Google Video.)
I had the opportunity last month to present this paper at a mini-conference in the Education department at the U of S. I greatly appreciated the chance to clarify for myself, by explaining to others, how I'm approaching the issues of epistemology and learning that underpin my PhD project. After the conference, I decided to learn how to use Camtasia. I'm afraid that the finished product is still pretty rough, production-wise, but it has been a good learning experience all around. I can see now how I will frame my "Theologically Sound Model of Education Employing Internet-Inspired Approaches to Learning." Okay, that's not the title I submitted and had approved by the differentiation panel, but I did explain then that I was unhappy with the "social constructivist" part of the title I was using then. I haven't yet found the term that encapsulates precisely what I mean, so this lame one will have to do for now. Who knows--someone may comment on this post and provide just the thing I'm looking for!

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