Friday, March 10, 2006

Ok, so this is harder than I thought

I'm finding it very difficult to find a time to post, so now my lack of will is evident to anyone who wants to check out the dates of previous postings.
Anyway . . . what George Siemens has been saying about connectivism was brought home to me this week when one day I got an email from George, who was so gracious as to read & comment on a paper I'm giving later this month, and another from Heidi Campbell, who was introduced to me by Dwight, a friend of mine who knew Heidi during her studies in Edinburgh. The same day, another friend who has been staying with us this week casually mentioned that she had met someone while in India a couple weeks ago, and we figured out that it was Dwight! George is from southern Manitoba, and friends who grew up in the same area visited with us a week ago. As a wonderful surprise, they sent me a beautiful pair of moccasins from northern Ontario, where they now live and we used to, and they arrived the same day as the emails I mentioned above. They at one time lived in northern Manitoba, in the town where Clarence Fisher is teaching, and he taught their kids (who are now both grown up--my, how time flies!).
In moves rather uncharacteristic of me, I had contacted both George and Heidi because they are working in a field that I'm fascinated by, and they have been so gracious. Many, many thanks to you, and to all whose blogs I have been learning so much from in the past while.

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