Sunday, February 06, 2011

How time has flown

I knew it had been a long time since the last posting, but good grief--back in May? Since then I've finished the PhD and graduated and started a new job and moved . . . phew!
I'm trying to inspire students to use blogging in a course I'm teaching and, as part of that effort, am blogging with them--using edublogs but not as a class blog, just for my own contribution.
Besides that, though, it's probably way past time to start putting my money (effort, actually) where my mouth is and begin thinking out loud via this blog.
I've been reading lots on theology themes of participation and analogia entis and most recently Gary Deddo's Karl Barth's Theology of Relations: Trinitarian, Christological, and Human: Toward an Ethic of the Family. Most likely my random thoughts will be loosely organized around such ideas, so I suppose I've now lost any readership I might have had . . .

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