Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Now coming to you from Belfast

Make that Lambeg, actually, once a village but now part of the growing, vibrant city of Lisburn. We've been here a month and are getting settled into our very nice home and community. (Our broadband was hooked up only a week ago, and that's the excuse for not blogging that I'm sticking with!) It has been quite an experience finding our way through the process of getting established in another country. I honestly don't know how people manage a move to a country where the people speak another language. Of course, we've had to try to attune our ears to a version of English that isn't familiar, and those who speak Norniron are having to do the same with our Canadian accent. I actually heard someone use the expression "'Bout ye?" (like our "How are you doing?") today, something I'd been told to listen for. I've started another blog to record our settling-in adventures, so more of that there.
I'm a card-carrying Queen's student now, and the preliminary work I've been doing on my project has given me a good head start. I'm pleased that the main library has a good collection of Lonergan and Torrance is well represented at Union Theological College, and I received really good news about the education (social constructivism) aspect of my study (which I'll share later).

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