Tuesday, September 26, 2006

theological education

Keith Johnson at Generous Orthodoxy ThinkTank links to Gordon Graham’s convocation speech at Princeton Seminary last Tuesday, a very interesting exploration of theological education, especially for me since I'm finally getting around to reading David Kelsey's work on Athens/Berlin. Graham situates the heart of theological education in discipleship.

At the same blog, there's an entry by KevinHector entitled Five Theological Trends to Watch, of which the first is

  1. The resurgence of the analogia entis. The analogia entis or “analogy of being” has started getting a lot of attention, mainly from theologians who are interested in recovering a Catholic/Orthodox way of seeing the world (read: RO and its sympathizers). This trend corresponds with a not-to-be-missed AAR session: David Bentley Hart and George Hunsinger are scheduled to talk about this issue at the Barth Society meeting.
This is fascinating to me as I read how Torrance reworked Barth's position on natural theology.

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